Nero Video earned a spot in our review of the best video editing software for several reasons. Chief among them is that it enables you to create professional-looking videos. It offers a solid library of themes and templates and even has some advanced features like video stabilization and Ultra HD 4K support that allow you to take advantage of the latest technology in the field.

This video editing application has two editing modules: Express Editing and Advanced Editing. The difference between these two modes is essentially the same as that between timeline editing and storyboard editing. In fact, the storyboard-timeline dynamic is the defining difference between the two modules. This is standard fare for video editing software; one main difference in Nero Video is that you cannot switch back and forth between the two modes. You can build a video project in Express Editing (storyboard) and switch to Advanced Editing (timeline) with your project intact. However, once you make a single edit in the Advanced module, you cannot return to the Express mode.

Nero Video has a long list of great video editing tools that allow you to construct a compelling video. However, the interface, workflow and organizational structure are occasionally confusing and counterintuitive, especially for users who have some previous experience with video editing software. That said, once you get some practice using the tools, they work well and yield impressive results. The 2015 version of Nero Video adds tools such as motion text effects, tilt shift effects and disc menu templates. This is a continuation of Nero’s trend of improving its video editing software each year.

Nero provides loads of online support for all of its products, including Nero Video. But it’s somewhat difficult to find – the support link is buried at the bottom of the homepage. This gives you access to a knowledgebase and a forum of frequently asked questions. There is an option to call the technical support phone line, but it costs $1.29 per minute – and the number itself is somewhat difficult to find. It's too bad Nero doesn't stand behind its product, and help customers a little better.

Nero Video Summary:

Nero Video 2015 is an acceptable choice for video editing software. It provides great tools that enable you to create videos and share them with an audience. However, it lacks the intuitive usability that separates good applications from the best video editing software in our side-by-side comparison.


Nero Video 2015

Nero Video 2015 adds functionality such as 4K support and video stabilization.

At times the workspace is muddled and counterintuitive.

The Verdict:

Once you learn to use it, Nero Video can be a powerful and useful editing application. It's just not the best.