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PROS / This program offers simplified editing modes for beginners with simple projects as well as unlimited editing tracks for complex projects.

CONS / Compared to the other products on our side-by-side comparison chart, this application has limited sharing options.

VERDICT / MoviePlus X6 is a great video editing training ground that teaches good video editing habits while offering enough tools to satisfy more advanced users.

MoviePlus X6 is one of the most flexible video editing programs on our side-by-side comparison chart of the best video editing software. It caters to the casual user by offering wizards to help you create movies quickly. More advanced users can take advantage of its nearly complete array of video editing tools and unlimited editing tracks.

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If you don't want to spend a lot of time creating a movie, you can use the QuickMovie tool. This video editor wizard helps you compile all the elements you want into a themed movie. It helps you choose a theme, import your files and add a personal touch to your movie. The tools are intuitive, and the video editing user guide is a great resource if you want some additional help.

  1. An editing track is where you arrange the media in your video project.
    More is Better.
  2. 6 MoviePlus
    100 Editing Tracks
  3. 100 Editing Tracks
  4. 99 Editing Tracks
  5. 21 Editing Tracks
  6. Category Average
    64.20 Editing Tracks

This video editor is a good choice for those wanting to learn the ins and outs of video editing. You can learn common editing tasks such as trimming and arranging clips on the timeline by using the wizards and templates. From there, you can move on to more advanced tools such as the chroma key, audio mixer and video stabilizer. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can learn how to use all the tools and features in this program.

When using the full-feature editor, you'll have access to a nearly complete selection of video editing tools. This program has a library of over 200 video effects and transitions that allow you to customize and personalize your video. This isn't as many as some of the other video editing applications in our review, but it's enough to construct the video you want.

When you're done building your video, MoviePlus offers a few options for sharing it with an audience. You can upload your video to Facebook or YouTube directly from the program. You can also optimize it for playback on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And while these options are useful, other products on our lineup offered more choices for sharing your videos through other popular social networking sites.

MoviePlus X6 has a comprehensive user guide with links from its table of contents to specific topics, and it is searchable. Serif has telephone and email contact information on its website. Additionally, the website has links to forums, a knowledgebase and tutorials on such video editing subjects as basic timeline operation, color correction and using chroma key.


MoviePlus X6 is a virtual video editing training camp; the program is designed to teach you the basics and prep you to use more advanced tools. It has a wide selection of editing tools and video effects to help you build a highly customized video. It may not have all of the features we look for in the best video editing software, but it has enough to make it worth considering.

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