MoviePlus X6 is video editing software that comes with wizards to help you create movies quickly. It allows you to add as many tracks as you'd like. You can even change the order of the tracks. This movie editing software also has professional effects such as chromakey, Gaussian blur and mask. Although there are some really good effects, we would have liked this application to have more effects and transitions.

This video editor gives you control over the tracks in your movie. You can adjust the order in which the tracks appear on the timeline. You can also add as many tracks as you need. This is important because you can create movies with sound effects and voiceovers. Each element can have its own track, which makes it easier to control when you're editing videos.

If you don't want to spend a long time creating a movie, you can use the QuickMovie tool. This video editor wizard assists you in compiling all the elements you want into a themed movie. It helps you choose a theme, import your files and give your movie a personal touch.

Video editing is easy with this software because there are so many tools. In addition to the common editing tools such as trim, crop and resize, MoviePlus X6 has less common but very useful tools such as a transparency tool and the ability to manipulate objects. For instance, you can manipulate text to make it appear as though it is getting smaller and farther away by enlarging the left side of the word and shrinking the right side.

It's especially simple to create movies with MoviePlus X6 by using the wizard. If you want to create one on your own, though, you shouldn't have any problems. The tools are intuitive, and the video editing user guide is a great resource if you want some additional help.

MoviePlus X6 has a comprehensive user guide with links from its table of contents to the topics. It is also searchable. Serif has telephone and email information on its website. Additionally, the website has links to forums, a knowledgebase and tutorials on video editing subjects such as basic timeline operation, color correction and chromakey.

MoviePlus Summary:

MoviePlus X6 has a flexible workspace with an unlimited number of tracks that you can move around. It doesn't have as many effects and transitions as other applications we reviewed, but the ones it does have give your projects a professional appearance. Overall, this is a great video editing application.


MoviePlus X6

You can add as many tracks to your workspace as you need and rearrange them in the order you want.

MoviePlus provides fewer transitions and effects than many of the other applications we reviewed.

The Verdict:

Although there aren't a lot of effects and transitions, the editing tools perform well.