AVS Video Editor provides video editors with hundreds of transitions and effects. Additionally, you have the ability to add as many video and audio tracks as you need. You can adjust and fix audio tracks and video stabilization for shaky footage. While AVS's video editing software isn't equipped for professional filmmakers, it makes editing easy. And you get the added benefit of being able to create HD movies.

To apply any effect, transition or element, all you have to do is drag one and drop it into place. You can adjust the beginning and ending times of each effect. Adjustments can also be made to match your sequence; for example, you can adjust the size of each snowflake in a film with a wintery feel. In addition to size, you can change the opacity, color, density of the snowflake and even the direction it is moving. Some of the other effects and transitions you can choose from are gray-out, anaglyph 3D, newsprint, invert, posterize and border.

The stabilization tool can fix shaky footage. This automatically cuts portions off the top and bottom of the film to create a smooth image. You can select how much of the video you want to cut, but be careful not to cut too much as it can completely ruin your segment of video.

The audio effects settings come with tools to amplify, remove noise, equalize, normalize, compress and adjust pitch. Additionally, it's easy to increase or decrease the volume for each track. The audio line has a bar you can move up and down to adjust the sound. If you want to customize the volume control, you can select points on the audio line, making it easy to fade the audio in and out of your video.

AVS Video Editor uses a simple interface. When you start the application, you can add an unlimited number of tracks; this is a flexibility we greatly appreciate. Typically, the overlay track is a picture-in-picture track, which means the second video appears in a box over your main video. You have the option to add more audio and video tracks if you have a more intensive video project.

This movie editing software comes with great text options. You can add a banner that appears across the screen, thought bubbles or colorful text. The text editor provides you with additional tools to customize how the words come across the screen, the size of the text and more.

The chromakey effect allows you to edit out any color, like a green screen function, so you can edit and replace backgrounds easily.

You can trim and adjust the length of your video clips, and you can also add chapters to your movies. AVS Video Editor allows you to add them manually, or you can set them to be automatic. The automatic setting will assign chapters at the beginning of each clip or set them to occur at a specific time interval, such as every five minutes.

When your movie is complete, you can add a disc menu from which the viewer can select a particular scene or choose to play the whole film. AVS Video Editor comes with some very handsome disc-menu templates, among which are Wedding Flowers, Sea, Saint Patrick, Old Photo, Christmas, Football, Child and Travel.

When you're ready to share your finished movie, you can save it as a file, burn it to a disc, share it online or put it on your smartphone or other device. A wizard walks you through the process of creating the preferred output format of your movie.

The interface for this movie editing software is well organized. The tools are clearly marked so you can swiftly find the ones you need, which makes editing videos quick. The process is easy enough that you can start working on a simple project right away.

AVS Video Editor Summary:

With AVS Video Editor, you will be able to create quality movies quickly. It provides you with lines for your main video, effects, video overlay, text, additional audio and voiceover. The support from Online Media Technologies is vast and offers quite a bit of help for its video editing software.


AVS Video Editor X6

AVS makes it easy to drag and drop hundreds of media objects onto the timeline.

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The Verdict:

AVS Video Editor can help you create simple videos. It has easy-to-understand tools and an organized interface.